Photoshopped Pictures We’d Like to see in Chattanooga

Recently it was discovered that someone working for British Petroleum had photoshopped images of the spill clean-up.  It’s amazing what can be done with Photoshop, so if there’s someone who can perform miracles, this is what I’d like to see.

Can we get someone to photoshop Littlefield with his hands in his own pockets for a change? Of course that would immediately be recognized as a fake.

Maybe photoshop Manny Rico without his lips on Ronnie’s behind? Another obvious fake.

Maybe photoshop the City Council working for someone other than themselves? There we go again –another fake.

Robin Smith photoshopped without  the corporate-welfare strings making her dance? Fake.

Zack Wamp talking out of just one-side of his mouth? Fake

Bill Haslam as just a good old boy? Fake

The Education, Arts, and Cultural Department as making a contribution to Chattanooga and not just a back-room “quid pro quo?” Unbelievably fake.

If you find that photoshopper,  send him to Chattanooga. His work would be funnier than a bus load of Chattanooga politicians going off Lookout Mountain.

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