Littlefield Can’t Handle Shit but He Wants Consolidation? Dump the Chump (but it will take 3000 more flushes)!

Littlefield Can’t Handle Shit but He Wants Consolidation? Dump the Chump (but it will take 3000 more flushes)!

Consolidation of services really means consolidation of power. Not the power of someone who earns it by the sweat of his brow, but power from those who take yours away. Who’s the head cheerleader?

Look no further than Mayor Ron Littlefield.

Mayor, I’m sure your political cronies are in favor of a Metro government as it allows you and them to wield the nefarious magic wand of corruption over more taxpayer’s money (and it is the money, Mayor Littlefield).

Your bumbling administration’s failures in your current fiefdom will only be magnified under a Metro government, whether it’s you or another political sycophant at the helm.

Littlfield’s “Green” initiative is invalidated by the “Brown” sewage releases from his failures to run his departments effectively. Not one back-up power generator to pump sewage when the power to the pumping station went out?  Brilliant, Ron—a testament to your cognitive skills.

Now, we have another sewage discharge. This time at in the Tennessee River at the Brown’s Ferry Marina. Why? NO FRIGGING POWER GENERATORS! This is the second time in less than nine months than Littlefield has shown his misfeasance on this issue alone. Littlefield’s idiotic performance justifies tar and feathering (or straining out the raw sewage with his teeth). Hey Ron! Take Manny and Jack with you when you go skimming. None of you need worry about drowning though, as crap floats!

It would have cost less than $250,000.00 for a power generator (including the bill-padding that is inevitable in government procurements). How much damage was created in the local Tennessee River and downstream by your lack of preparedness? How about the boat owner’s who are now wading in your ineptitude? How about the clean-up costs involved because you were too busy wiping your and your cronies’ asses with taxpayer’s money?

If you can’t oversee and operate a sewer pumping station effectively while you’re wasting money on questionable public art, a political patronage Office of Education, Arts, and Cultural Affairs, the Multicultural Affairs Department, and handing out $100,000.00 to Waterhouse PR for a flea-bitten raccoon coat, why would anyone trust you would do better with more money and power?  Your career is based on the public dole where you’ve created nothing, inspired no one (except other cons), and always spent other people’s money. The evidence is that you’re incompetent except in your ability to personally re-distribute wealth you neither earned or deserved, but have pilfered from the public coffers.

And now we have the carrion-call of others, those spoiled gut-eating buzzards waiting to get their hands on power. It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to see certain members of the Chattanooga City Council and Hamilton County Commission rubbing their greasy little hands together like the slave-master Simon Legree, waiting to divvy up the spoils of the public treasury as they run the plantations of captive taxpayers.

Taxpayers — You think you have problems now? Just wait until consolidation. Rather than “shrink” your taxes by supposed efficiency, the bureaucratic crook-machine will grow, and grow, and grow, like a tapeworm with an unquenchable appetite. The worms will take all the nourishment your need to thrive, and give you back just enough so you can barely survive to continue feeding the parasites.

Why consolidate services? To save money? If you wanted to save money you would eliminate those useless, self-serving “services” like the Public Art Committees, Office of Education, Arts and Cultural Affairs, The Multicultural Affairs Department, and the myriad “governmental” agencies that steal from those who earn the money (taxpayers) and give to the parasites who earn nothing.

“Consolidation”–The new watchword in Chattanooga. So watch those odoriferous politicos who champion it. Follow their slug trails to the taxpayer’s money—that’s where they always lead.

It’s not necessary to go to Washington to find corrupt politicians. Just go to City Hall and the Courthouse, swing a polecat, and you’ll hit hundreds. Don’t worry about the skunk smell though; the politician stench is worse.

Just 3,000 more names needed to Dump the Chump!

Harry Statel

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