Wocky de Waterhouse Wat–We’re so Sorry, Uncle Albert!

Poor Wittle Wocky de Wat! Wocky not feewing the Wuv!

In a special appearance on the Tennesse Insider, “Uncle Albert” Waterhouse wasn’t happy.

“Dem Cwazy Tax peoples! Dey think Uncle Alwbert isn’t prawying wif a full-deck! Woe is Wocky; My wittle feewings are hut when dem Wecall Wittlefield peoples not be happy.”

“Awwwh! Wocky jus be foowing wid ya. Uncle Albert is weally pweased that he gots de money for doin’ nufing but wearwing dis wat suit!”

“I’b a got all these gweat things gwine on,” Waterhouse said on Fwiday. “Wocky not wike businessman to be sitting in a hotel woom, thinking about bwinging his business in here, and he’s weading about this small group of cwazies that are twying to wecall.”

“Poor wittle Wocky. Wocky go home and weep for wong time.”

Harry Statel


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