Corporate Welfare is Alive and Prospering in Chattanooga–How Much More Can We Afford?

“It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry.”  Thomas Paine

The hue and cry from the “government officials” is that a recall will stop outside businesses from considering Chattanooga.

Why would a business need to consider “government officials” unless said “government officials” are deal makers, using their influence to secure “favored” status for these businesses?

What quid pro quo do these “government officials” receive for their influence? What back-room deals are the “government officials” plotting?

This is corporate welfare. Corporate welfare only exists because of government officials, government laws, and government giving taxpayer’s money as bribes. (How much winds up in the government official’s pockets?)

Do not confuse free enterprise with corporate welfare and the corporate fascism that is rampant, locally and nationally.

If “outside businesses” considering Hamilton County and Chattanooga need back-room deals, government support and taxpayer’s money to do business here, I don’t want them.

I do want free enterprise businesses to come to Chattanooga because they can make a profit, not because of government handouts.

The “Tennessee Waltz” scandal in 2005 didn’t seem to scare off “business”, did it? Remember that  scandal involving Chattanooga elected officials and State Legislators ? Oops, I forgot — that’s where the support for this administration originated.

Don’t think for a moment that these “government officials” are working on your behalf. They aren’t. They’re working for their own benefit, and the taxpayers be damned.

Harry Statel

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