King on the Throne!

Everybody Sing!

King on the Throne  (sung to the tune King of the Road)

Mayor for sale or rent,
Laws I get to circumvent.
Re-callers are malcontents,
Up till now we’ve hidden how their money is spent because,

I have to keep up looks,
While I fool the public snooks,
And we’re not cons or crooks
But we know how to milk cash cows and cook all the books, and now

Re-callers are bourgeoisie
I’m not worried no siree.
I’ve got support you see
From political hacks, I watch their backs, they take care of me, so I can

Raise taxes on everyone’s home,
My personal savings and loan.
Won’t you please just leave me alone, because I’m
King on the Throne.
It’s all overblown,
Get Albert on the phone,
He’ll tell ‘em crap is cologne,
While I lay you out prone,
Just take it, don’t groan,

Yes, I’m – –
King on my throne!

Harry Statel

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  • Ken Brown  On 08/20/2010 at 11:47 am

    I like that parody, it would make “Paul Shanklin” envyous

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