Where’s the Chattanooga City Attorney? Why it is necessary to ask the Question? . . . .Late breaking news! Do we have a “new” City Attorney?

Something to think about. Where’s Chattanooga City Attorney Mike McMahan? Why has he not read the Charter and given his take on it now, before the recall?

Isn’t this what City Attorney’s do? Study situations involving the city, and make a decision (it doesn’t have to right or wrong, just a frigging decision). Make a judgment call, flip a coin, try rock-paper-scissors, tell the citizens something now before the recall petitions are turned in and signatures counted.

Lawyer McMahan, make a decision now as to what the Charter says, how you interpret it, and where you intend to stand; your decision will be considered from all angles. But a decision or no-decision made after the petition signatures are counted will be political convenience, subject to the smell test of four-day old fish or sewage discharge in the Tennessee River (twice in one year).

Where’s Mike? I bet he’s talked with the folks at City Hall! Mr. McMahan, won’t you talk to everyone else?

Of late local City Attorneys appear cloned with the not-politically uncommon “GoodgodallmightyIvehitthemotherload” mutant-gene.

Is there an “Alien Queen” City Attorney, laying eggs and the hatchlings are falling our way? Is there something in the water (besides sewage)?

And the ailments of the East Ridge and Chattanooga City Attorneys wasn’t discovered by Homeland Security or the CIA or FBI.  The discovery was by simple inquiry, by citizens looking past their noses—”Connecting-the-Dots.”

A “good job” to all involved in the Recall effort. For the first time in some of your lives, you’ve discovered the power of free inquiry and acted within the law, without violence, using sacred Constitutional Guaranteed Rights. The Right to expect your government to work for you, not against you.

There’s an article on chattanoogan.com.  http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_182433.asp

Jerry Summers, noted liberal Chattanooga attorney, friend of the unions, labor, and Democrats; read what he had to say. Read the whole article to be sure for yourself, but here’s what he said.

Mr. Summers, who was the longtime election office attorney prior to becoming a commission member, also questioned whether the recall was supposed to be on a district basis.

He called the low number needed to recall the council members “ridiculous” and “an absurdity.”

I ask, is it consistent to be  for “participatory democracy”, then be against it when it happens close to home?

It is a lifetime project– be aware of your surroundings, particularly the officials who “act” in the public good and for the government, any government.  This recall is a referendum on results, acts, errors and omissions.

BREAKING NEWS! 10:24 pm chattanooga.com     http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_182487.asp

Chattanooga City Attorney Mike McMahan has selected his attorney. Seems Ole Mike got a little loose with the “spirit of the law” and chose to pay over $15,000.00 a month to his own law firm for “secretarial services” for City Attorney business. No, these weren’t secretaries for the Supreme Court. These were law firm secretaries. Probably smart, attractive, knowledgeable, but they weren’t re-writing Blackstone.

Guess who Chattanooga City Attorney Mike McMahan chose? Sam Elliott. The good-looking, mustache-wearing, cowboy actor, with the great voice and strong convictions of right and wrong?  Nope, another Sam Elliott. This Sam Elliott is the current Tennessee Bar Association’s 128th president. While he’s no Sam Elliott of the movies, he still a decent-looking fellow.

This Sam Elliott gets around.  He’s Manny Rico’s attorney.  He’s Sam Elliott, City Attorney of Soddy-Daisy.  He’s Sam Elliott, City Attorney for Collegedale. He’s Sam Elliot, City Attorney for Lakesite. Must be big bucks in that City Attorneying business!  Must be nice for a fellow to write letters to himself on different stationery then invoice himself for services.   Does he invoice again for reading what he wrote?

Where do you get an application for City Attorney’s work? That must pay better than Mayor and the City Council put together. Do you get a free meal before the Council meetings too?

Is Sam Elliott now the Chattanooga City Attorney by proxy?   Soon all of Hamilton County taxes will be for Sam Elliott, just to pay his City Attorney bills. This is a better gig than the PTL Club and Sam Elliott has his own hair.

How does he represent each “City” in court or lawsuits? Ca-Ching! Does he argue with himself then pronounce judgment? Ca-Ching! This job sounds better and better. Might be more efficient to give Lawyer Sam Elliott the keys to the treasury and avoid the invoices all together (save money on invoicing for those pesky “secretarial services”).  Wonder if that first-class  stamp on the envelope for the invoice is costing $20.00 by the time “professional fees” are applied.

Some one once asked bank robber Willie Sutton why he robbed banks.  Willie replied ” That’s where they keep the money!”  Willie didn’t know about the City Attorneying business.

See? Here’s why you watch government. Everything may be fine with all the City Attorney positions held by one lawyer; but is that ethical? I assume the Tennessee Bar thinks it is. Judges are lawyers from the Tennessee Bar,  so assume they do to.  But does it look “odd”?  I think so. It that the transparency in government you want? I hope not.

Any  government will eventually act without fear of the results.  The Constitution provides checks and balances, but those can be and are ignored. Finally, it becomes the acts of individuals, then the act of one man or woman alone to pull back the curtain and see the wizards.

There is a cost to have good government, but a greater cost in an unwatched government.

Harry Statel


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