Red Light Traffic Cameras-Give Revenue Enhancement a Chance for the Poli-ticks’ Pockets

If your city is like my city, those red-light traffic cameras are popping up everywhere.  Erected in the name of “safety”, their true purpose is to create revenue for government. Instead of “To Protect and Serve” it’s now “To Collect and Observe.”

A recent post about the Mayor of Red Bankistan in Tennessee and his love of surveillance is found here.

It seems that some citizens around the US are getting tired of this. Here’s my suggestion as I posted in the local newspaper.

Maybe a “Night of Target the Traffic Cameras” with paintball guns, covered license plates, Johnny Cash black clothes, no set day or time,etc.

Why TP someone’s house when Big Bucks and his Gotcha Cameras are out there?

No one gets hurt (except Big Bucks’ pockets),no firearms are used, no traffic lights are damaged, no citizen’s property is stolen— just sticking it to Big Brother and his Big Buck friends.

A good lesson from Ghandi and Thoreau on resistance. How’s that for a little civil disobedience?

Of course, that comment got people upset. Imagine the threat to National Security! After advise from counsel, I felt it important to issue a statement.

I‘ve been told by the law firm of Skrewum & Gigum that my satiric post could be misconstrued as advocating criminal actions against helpless traffic cameras.

Let me now state that traffic cameras are protected under the Big Brother Act of 2002 (Patriot Act). The Department of Homeland Security Act takes any thoughts, words, or actions seriously to prevent attacks by terrorists who hate us for our traffic cameras.

Therefore, do not attempt to disrupt the DHS surveillance of citizens and the revenue stream flowing into the hands of politicians under the guise of “We Know Best.”

Please, always co-operate with Big Brother and Uncle Sugar because they say so.

I feel safer already.

Harry Statel

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